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Tropical rainforest, paradise beaches, rugged Outback...

take a deep breath and launch yourself into the big wide open. From the desert-island allure of the islands around the Great Barrier Reef to the laidback tropical north and the vibrant streets of Brisbane – a hotbed of cultural, epicurean and stylish pursuits – Queensland begs to be explored. Blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, its profusion of natural beauty goes hand in hand with an enviably relaxed way of life; the most taxing decisions you’ll ever have to make are those concerning the chic hotels and world-class restaurants that are a trademark of this remarkable territory.

Queensland Lifestyle
From a spa treatment in the rainforest or on a tropical island to indulging the senses with mouth-watering fresh local seafood or a beer in an Outback pub you are bound to be captivated by the Queensland way of life and year round sunshine.

Islands & Beaches
Queensland is home to some of the best islands and beaches in the world. Choose the luxury of a world famous island and dive through the Great Barrier Reef or learn the ropes and sail your own yacht, or simply relax while someone else does the navigating. Dine on fresh seafood at a local surf club or take a surf lesson and try to catch your first wave.

Natural Encounters
Queensland is a spectacular natural wonderland. Dive through the colourful coral cities of the Great Barrier Reef, then get up close and personal with the friendly locals – wild bottle nosed dolphins, mighty humpback whales and nesting sea turtles along the Queensland coast or discover ancient World Heritage listed rainforests that yield to pristine sandy beaches.

Queensland is the place for adventure. Get off the beaten track in a 4x4 and follow in the footsteps of the pioneers through Queensland’s Outback. Take on a thrilling white water rafting expedition, dive into the blue depths of the ocean through and discover the mysteries of the Great Barrier Reef.

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