‘a culture defined by those who wear it.’

aussieBum is a brand that has grown organically out of the Australian lifestyle and beach culture. The Australian lifestyle is a vital part of aussieBum’s success and value system, from the photographs and videos which are filmed on some of the world’s most renowned and beautiful beaches to the models who are true aussie blokes - masculine, down to earth and good natured.

In these ways Australian culture has played a huge role in the success of the brand - from the beautiful beaches to the laid-back/grass roots attitude of the Australian people. For these reasons, the company believes it is important to give back to the country that is ingrained in its’ identity - aussieBum’s apparel is all Australian made, all in the same neighborhood where Sean began the company on his dining room table in Sydney.

As the brand has grown, Sean Ashby, the brand’s founder and CEO has maintained that the aussieBum will never waiver from its’ core values - knowing all his staff by name and driving the company’s growth through innovation, not merely by implementing profit maximizing tools that suck the soul from business. Sean insists that in the modern world, companies’ need to put innovation before profit, and people before bottom lines.

This summer season with aussieBum is going to be huge, with some classic, sexy and fun new products being released almost weekly… First up is the ‘Inspire’ range with added colours for 2010, ‘inspire’ has an ultra trendy plaid pattern, and newly added ‘WonderJock’ technology to support your natural assets. Next is a range of board shorts which are called the ‘Bondi Series,’ these are ultra comfortable and sexy and with great designs and quick drying material, we predict they will be very hot property on all the top beaches around the world!!!

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